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We Are Knitters: Craftsmanship, Creativity and Community

In a fast-paced digital world where technology dominates much of our lives, there is an increasing desire to connect with traditional crafts and hobbies that provide a sense of mindfulness and creativity. "We Are Knitters" (WAK) is a company that has successfully tapped into this desire by rediscovering the joy of knitting and telling a story of craftsmanship, creativity and a vibrant community.

A brief introduction to We Are Knitters

Founded in 2011 by Alberto Bravo and María José Marín, "We Are Knitters" became a visionary brand in the craft industry. The story behind the company is inspiring: It started with a single trip to New York City, where Alberto and María saw people knitting everywhere. Impressed by the enthusiasm and creativity shown by knitters in the city, they were inspired to bring knitting back to a younger generation and revolutionize the way people perceived it.

The WAK experience

"We Are Knitters" aims to make knitting accessible, modern and fun for everyone, regardless of age or level of experience. Their comprehensive knitting kits contain everything needed to create beautiful garments or accessories - from high-quality yarn and knitting needles to step-by-step instructions and patterns. The sets are aimed at all experience levels, from beginners to advanced knitters, so anyone can start their knitting journey.

Quality yarn and sustainable practices

One of the pillars that sets WAK apart is their commitment to quality and sustainability. They source their yarn from natural fibers like Peruvian and Pima cotton, merino wool, and baby alpaca. By choosing these high-quality materials, WAK not only ensures comfortable and durable products, but also supports ethical practices in the textile industry.

In addition, the company values ​​sustainability in all areas of its operations. They strive to minimize waste and environmental impact as much as possible by using biodegradable packaging and environmentally friendly materials.

Promoting creativity and individuality

Beyond providing knitting kits, We Are Knitters encourages customers to unleash their creativity and individuality. The patterns included in the kits are designed to be customizable, allowing knitters to add personal touches and create unique pieces. This aspect appeals to craftsmen and women who are looking for an artistic expression to express themselves in a meaningful way.

Promoting a community

We Are Knitters has successfully created a vibrant and supportive community of artisans from around the world. Through social media and their own website, knitters share their projects, exchange ideas and encourage each other. The company regularly hosts “knit-alongs” and virtual events to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among its members.

Social impact and charitable initiatives

Beyond enriching the lives of artisans, We Are Knitters also expands its positive impact on society. The company works with non-profit organizations and initiatives, supporting, for example, breast cancer research and environmental protection. This commitment to social responsibility shows that WAK thinks about more than just its own profit and strives to make a difference in the world.


"We Are Knitters" has managed to revive a traditional craft and transform it into a contemporary, trendy and inclusive activity. By providing high-quality materials, encouraging creativity and developing a global community, WAK is more than just a knitting company - it is a movement that celebrates craftsmanship, creativity and the joy of creating something beautiful with your own hands. As long as the human spirit seeks a connection to creativity and community, We Are Knitters will continue to weave its threads of inspiration into the world.