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Pascuali Bio Cashmere Lace Farbe 06Pascuali Bio Cashmere Lace Farbe 52
Organic Cashmere Lace
Sale price21,90 €(876,00 €/kg)

23 colors available

Sandnes, Alpakka Folgetrad, Farbe 1002Sandnes Garn Alpakka Folgetrad Farbe 1015
Alpakka follow-up bike
Sale price9,95 €(199,00 €/kg)

20 colors available

Rowan Fine Lace Farbe 920Rowan Fine Lace Farbe 921
Fine Lace
Sale price11,50 €(230,00 €/kg)

17 colors available

Manos del Uruguay CabritoManos del Uruguay Cabrito Farbe 6966
Sale price14,90 €(596,00 €/kg)

18 colors available

Sandnes Garn Tynn Silk Mohair Farbe 1012Sandnes Garn Tynn Silk Mohair Farbe 1015
Tynn Silk Mohair | bezaubernd weich
Sale price11,50 €(460,00 €/kg)

59 colors available

Rowan Kidsilk Haze Farbe 580Rowan Kidsilk Haze Farbe 582
Kidsilk Haze
Sale price13,75 €(550,00 €/kg)

80 colors available

Knitting for Olive Soft Silk Mohair Farbe cloudSoft Silk Mohair
Soft Silk Mohair
Sale price10,75 €(430,00 €/kg)

27 colors available

Kremke Soul Wool Babyalpaka Lace Kremke Soul Wool Babyalpaka Lace 001
Baby alpaca lace
Sale price11,99 €(239,80 €/kg)

23 colors available

Loch Lomond Lace GOTSLoch Lomond Lace GOTS
Loch Lomond Lace GOTS
Sale price6,99 €(139,80 €/kg)

24 colors available

Pascuali Manada Pascuali Manada Farbe 203
Sale price14,90 €(596,00 €/kg)

31 colors available

Pascuali Alpaca Lace Knäuel Farbe 07Pascuali Alpaca Lace Knäuel Farbe 11
Alpaca Lace
Sale price11,95 €(239,00 €/kg)

31 colors available

Silky Kid RMSSilky Kid RMS
Silky Kid RMS
Sale price9,99 €(399,60 €/kg)

34 colors available

Kremke Soul Wool Marled Silky KidKremke Soul Wool Marled Silky Kid Farbe 003
Marled Silky Kid
Sale price12,99 €(519,60 €/kg)

9 colors available

Jaipur Peace SilkJaipur Peace Silk
Jaipur Peace Silk
Sale price22,69 €(453,80 €/kg)

33 colors available

Kremke Soul Wool Babysilk Lace SolidKremke Soul Wool Babysilk Lace Solid 2150
Babysilk Lace Solid
Sale price8,99 €(359,60 €/kg)

15 colors available

Babysilk Lace Gradient Babysilk Lace Gradient
Babysilk Lace Gradient
Sale price8,99 €(359,60 €/kg)

5 colors available

Cashmere Haze - gute-garne.deCashmere Haze -
Cashmere Haze
Sale price21,99 €(879,60 €/kg)

10 colors available

Pascuali SuavePascuali Suave Farbe 52
Suave | Bio-Qualität | weiche Baumwolle
Sale price7,95 €(318,00 €/kg)

24 colors available

Cowgirlblues Merino Single Lace Farbverlauf, 3 Knäuel zusammenCowgirlblues Merino Single Lace Farbverlauf, Fb. 50
Merino Single Lace Gradient
Sale price29,99 €(299,90 €/kg)

20 colors available

Cowgirlblues, Merino Single Lace Solids, 4 Farben GrüntöneCowgirlblues, Merino Single Lace Solids, 4 Farben Rottöne
Merino Single Lace Solids
Sale priceFrom 16,90 € (339,80 €/kg)

26 colors available

Rowan, Kidsilk Haze Colour, Farbe 001Rowan, Kidsilk Haze Colour, Farbe 002
Kidsilk Haze Color
Sale price22,80 €(456,00 €/kg)

8 colors available

Merino Extrafine 285 LaceMerino Extrafine 285 Lace
Merino Extrafine 285 Lace
Sale price7,95 €(159,00 €/kg)

12 colors available

Schachenmayr, Baby Smiles Suavel, Farbe 7536Schachenmayr, Baby Smiles Suavel, Farbe 1001
Baby Smiles Suavel
Sale price4,75 €(95,00 €/kg)

25 colors available

Sandnes Garn Tynn Silk Mohair Print blossom tree 2135Sandnes Garn Tynn Silk Mohair Print pink berries 4700
Tynn Silk Mohair Print
Sale price25,40 €(1.016,00 €/kg)

4 colors available

Mohair BlissMohair Bliss
Mohair Bliss
Sale price15,90 €(636,00 €/kg)

30 colors available

ITO Yarn Sensai ÜbersichtITO Yarn Sensai Farbe 300
Sensai | allerbestes Mohairgarn
Sale price12,90 €(645,00 €/kg)
KoshoIto Kosho Farbe Vanille
Sale price7,50 €(300,00 €/kg)
ITO Gima 8.5 Farbe ÜbersichtITO Gima 8.5 Farbe 002
Gima 8.5
Sale price7,50 €(300,00 €/kg)
ShioITO Yarn Shio Farbe 440
Sale price9,90 €(247,50 €/kg)
Kremke Soul Wool Stellaris TitelKremke Soul Wool Stellaris Farbe 183
Sale price8,99 €(359,60 €/kg)

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