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Sandnes Garn Sunday Farbe 1001Sandnes Garn Sunday Farbe 1015
Sunday | feines Merinogarn
Sale priceFrom 8,23 € (175,00 €/kg)

56 colors available

KoshoIto Kosho Farbe Vanille
Sale price7,50 €(300,00 €/kg)
Sandnes Sunday by PetiteKnit Merinowolle Farbe 1012Sandnes Sunday by PetiteKnit Merinowolle Farbe 2114
Sunday by PetiteKnit
Sale price8,75 €(175,00 €/kg)

19 colors available

Cotton MerinoCotton Merino
Cotton Merino
Sale price8,95 €(179,00 €/kg)

7 colors available

ITO Yarn Sensai ÜbersichtITO Yarn Sensai Farbe 300
Sensai | allerfeinstes Mohairgarn
Sale price12,90 €(645,00 €/kg)
Knitting for Olive Merino Farbe cloudKnitting for Olive Merino Farbe marcipan
Merino | natürliche Farben
Sale price8,95 €(179,00 €/kg)

27 colors available

Sandnes Garn Tynn Line 3021Sandnes Garn Tynn Line 1015
Tynn Line | kühles dünnes Leinengarn
Sale price5,95 €(119,00 €/kg)

35 colors available

Sandnes Garn Babyull Lanett Farbe 1001Sandnes Garn Babyull Lanett Farbe 1012
Babyull Lanett
Sale price7,50 €(150,00 €/kg)

38 colors available

Symfonie Viva Merino Garn, ÜbersichtSymfonie Viva Merino Garn Farbe lime fizz
Sale price16,92 €(169,20 €/kg)

62 colors available

Knitting for Olive Soft Silk Mohair Farbe cloudSoft Silk Mohair
Soft Silk Mohair
Sale price10,75 €(430,00 €/kg)

27 colors available

WashiITO Yarn Washi Farbe 260
Sale price7,90 €(316,00 €/kg)
Ito Karei Farbe ÜbersichtIto Karei Farbe Moss
Sale price21,50 €(860,00 €/kg)
Sandnes Garn Mandarin Petit Farbe 3011Sandnes Garn Mandarin Petit Farbe 1001
Mandarin Petite
Sale price5,75 €(115,00 €/kg)

45 colors available

BC Garn Bio ShetlandBC Garn Bio Shetland Farbe 39
Organic Shetland GOTS
Sale price6,99 €(139,80 €/kg)

72 colors available

KinuITO Kinu Farbe 350
Sale price12,90 €(258,00 €/kg)
BC Garn AlbaBC Garn Alba GOTS Farbe 06
Sale price3,90 €(78,00 €/kg)

38 colors available

Sandnes Alpakka Silke Farbe 1002Sandnes Alpakka Silke Farbe 1015
Alpacka Silke
Sale price13,50 €(270,00 €/kg)

23 colors available

Sandnes Garn Sisu Farbe 1001Sandnes Garn Sisu Farbe 1002
Sale price6,50 €(130,00 €/kg)

34 colors available

Rosy Green Wool Cheeky Merino Joy 126Rosy Green Wool Cheeky Merino Joy 133
Cheeky Merino Joy
Sale price19,90 €(199,00 €/kg)

53 colors available

Felted Tweed - gute-garne.deFelted Tweed -
Felted Tweed
Sale price11,10 €(222,00 €/kg)

56 colors available

Sandnes KlompeLompe Tynn Merinoull Farbe 1013Sandnes KlompeLompe Tynn Merinoull Farbe 2025
KlompeLOMPE Tynn Merinoull
Sale price8,50 €(170,00 €/kg)

19 colors available

BC Garn Semilla Melange GOTSBC Garn Semilla Melange GOTS Farbe 01
Semilla Melange GOTS
Sale price6,99 €(139,80 €/kg)

29 colors available

Sandnes Garn Mini Alpakka Farbe 6063Sandnes Garn Mini Alpakka Farbe 1001
Mini alpacka
Sale price8,75 €(175,00 €/kg)

26 colors available

Sandnes Garn Tynn Silk Mohair Farbe 1012Sandnes Garn Tynn Silk Mohair Farbe 1015
Tynn Silk Mohair | bezaubernd weich
Sale price11,50 €(460,00 €/kg)

59 colors available

Semilla Pura GOTSSemilla Pura GOTS
Semilla Pura GOTS
Sale price12,99 €(129,90 €/kg)

6 colors available

Pascuali Puno Farbe 20Pascuali Puno Farbe 22
Sale price8,90 €(178,00 €/kg)

7 colors available

Rowan Kidsilk Haze Farbe 580Rowan Kidsilk Haze Farbe 582
Kidsilk Haze
Sale price13,75 €(550,00 €/kg)

80 colors available

ShimoITO Yarn Shimo, Farbe 840
Sale price11,90 €(238,00 €/kg)
Sale price18,28 €(182,80 €/kg)

6 colors available

Rowan Alpaca Classic Farbe 101Rowan Alpaca Classic Farbe 102
Alpaca Classic
Sale price7,35 €(294,00 €/kg)

29 colors available

Sold out
Rosy Green Wool Merino d'Arles Farbe 301Rosy Green Wool Merino d'Arles Farbe 312
Merino d'Arles
Sale price9,50 €(190,00 €/kg)

17 colors available

BC Garn SemillaBC Garn Semilla GOTS Farbe 003
Semilla GOTS
Sale price7,59 €(151,80 €/kg)

29 colors available

ITO Asa Farbe ÜbersichtITO Asa Farbe 051
Sale price10,90 €(436,00 €/kg)
BC Garn Bio BalanceBC Garn Bio Balance Gots Farbe 01
Organic Balance GOTS
Sale price6,99 €(139,80 €/kg)

29 colors available

Amano Apu Knäuel AlpakawolleAmano Apu Alpakawolle Knäuel in der Farbe 1000
Sale price19,90 €(796,00 €/kg)

11 colors available

Pascuali Balayage Farbe Pascuali Balayage Farbe 626
Sale price11,95 €(239,00 €/kg)

25 colors available

Erika Knight Wool LocalErika Knight Wool Local Farbe 803
Wool Local
Sale price18,59 €(185,90 €/kg)

12 colors available

Tussah TweedTussah Tweed
Tussah Tweed
Sale price19,99 €(399,80 €/kg)

30 colors available

British Blue Wool FingeringBritish Blue Wool Fingering
British Blue Wool Fingering
Sale price7,99 €(159,80 €/kg)

14 colors available

Pascuali Pinta Farbe 103Pascuali Pinta Farbe 100
Sale price11,95 €(239,00 €/kg)

25 colors available

Pascuali Balayage handgefärbt Farbe 700Pascuali Balayage handgefärbt Farbe 710
Balayage - hand dyed
Sale price18,95 €(379,00 €/kg)

8 colors available

BC Garn Luxor mercerised Cotton BC Garn Luxor mercerised Cotton Farbe 1
Luxor mercerized cotton
Sale price6,99 €(139,80 €/kg)

39 colors available

Amano Ayni Farbe Übersicht 5000Amano Ayni Farbe 5000
Sale price15,90 €(318,00 €/kg)

15 colors available

BC Garn Jaipur Peace Silk uebersichtBC Garn Jaipur Peace Silk Farbe 49
Jaipur Peace Silk
Sale price22,69 €(453,80 €/kg)

33 colors available

Pascuali Bio Cashmere 6/28 neu TitelPascuali Bio Cashmere 6/28
Organic Cashmere 6/28
Sale price21,90 €(876,00 €/kg)

30 colors available

Kremke Soul Wool Eco Cashmere FingeringKremke Soul Wool Eco Cashmere Fingering 10001
Eco Cashmere Fingering
Sale price16,99 €(679,60 €/kg)

23 colors available

Rowan Baby Cashsoft Merino Farbe 119Rowan Baby Cashsoft Merino Farbe 111
Baby Cashsoft Merino
Sale price9,05 €(181,00 €/kg)

18 colors available

Pascuali Saffira Pascuali Saffira Farbe 28
Sale price15,90 €(318,00 €/kg)

24 colors available

Pascuali Nepal Farbe 12Pascuali Nepal Farbe 13
Sale price8,90 €(178,00 €/kg)

30 colors available

Loch Lomond Lace GOTSLoch Lomond Lace GOTS
Loch Lomond Lace GOTS
Sale price6,99 €(139,80 €/kg)

24 colors available

23-29 stitches