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Sandnes Garn Tynn Line 3021Sandnes Garn Tynn Line 1015
Tynn Line | kühles dünnes Leinengarn
Sale price5,95 €(119,00 €/kg)

35 colors available

Sandnes Garn Line Farbe 1015Sandnes Garn Line Farbe 1002
Line | kühl und weich Baumwolle mit Leinen
Sale price5,95 €(119,00 €/kg)

39 colors available

Cotton MerinoCotton Merino
Cotton Merino
Sale price8,95 €(179,00 €/kg)

7 colors available

BC Garn Semilla Silkbloom Knäuel BC Garn Semilla Silkbloom Knäuel Farbe 001
Semilla Silkbloom GOTS
Sale price12,59 €(251,80 €/kg)

20 colors available

Sandnes Garn Mandarin Petit Farbe 3011Sandnes Garn Mandarin Petit Farbe 1001
Mandarin Petite
Sale price5,75 €(115,00 €/kg)

45 colors available

Tussah TweedTussah Tweed
Tussah Tweed
Sale price19,99 €(399,80 €/kg)

30 colors available

Schachenmayr Tahiti uni Sommergarn Farbe 00034Schachenmayr Tahiti uni Sommergarn Farbe 00001
Tahiti university
Sale price6,95 €(139,00 €/kg)

16 colors available

Rowan, Cotton Cashmere, Farbe 210Rowan, Cotton Cashmere, Farbe 212
Cotton Cashmere
Sale price11,05 €(221,00 €/kg)

21 colors available

Rowan Cotton Wool Farbe 201Rowan Cotton Wool Farbe 202
Cotton Wool
Sale price12,20 €(244,00 €/kg)

10 colors available

Sandnes Garn Tykk Line 1015Sandnes Garn Tykk Line 1002
Tykk Line
Sale price4,50 €(90,00 €/kg)

31 colors available

BC Garn Luxor mercerised Cotton BC Garn Luxor mercerised Cotton Farbe 1
Luxor mercerized cotton
Sale price6,99 €(139,80 €/kg)

39 colors available

Sandnes Garn Mandarin Naturell Farbe 1012Sandnes Garn Mandarin Naturell Farbe 1001
Natural Mandarin
Sale price4,75 €(95,00 €/kg)

25 colors available

BC Garn AlbaBC Garn Alba GOTS Farbe 06
Sale price3,90 €(78,00 €/kg)

38 colors available

Rowan Cotton Glace Farbe 727Rowan Cotton Glace Farbe 746
Cotton ice cream
Sale price7,35 €(147,00 €/kg)

22 colors available

Sale price6,69 €(133,80 €/kg)

35 colors available

Pascuali SuavePascuali Suave Farbe 52
Suave | Bio-Qualität | weiche Baumwolle
Sale price7,95 €(318,00 €/kg)

24 colors available

BC Garn Jaipur Peace Silk uebersichtBC Garn Jaipur Peace Silk Farbe 49
Jaipur Peace Silk
Sale price22,69 €(453,80 €/kg)

33 colors available

BC Garn Lino BC Garn Lino Farbe 30
Sale price5,99 €(119,80 €/kg)

33 colors available

Soft SilkSoft Silk
Soft Silk
Sale price19,99 €(199,90 €/kg)

36 colors available

Sandnes Garn Duo Farbe 1002Sandnes Garn Duo Farbe 1015
Sale price8,50 €(170,00 €/kg)

27 colors available

BC Garn Summer in Kashmir GOTSBC Garn Summer in Kashmir GOTS 01
Summer in Kashmir GOTS
Sale price6,99 €(139,80 €/kg)

26 colors available

Rowan Summerlite 4-fädig Knäuel in der Farbe 449Rowan Summerlite 4-fädig Knäuel in der Farbe 417
Summerlite 4ply
Sale price6,15 €(123,00 €/kg)

31 colors available

Rowan Denim Revive Knäuel in der Farbe 223Rowan Denim Revive Knäuel in der Farbe 213
Denim Revive
Sale price6,45 €(129,00 €/kg)

13 colors available

Rowan Summerlite DK Knäuel in der Farbe 479Rowan Summerlite DK Knäuel in der Farbe 450
Summerlite DK
Sale price6,70 €(134,00 €/kg)

34 colors available

Schachenmayr, Alva Silk, Farbe 05Schachenmayr, Alva Silk, Farbe 02
Alva Silk
Sale price6,95 €(139,00 €/kg)

17 colors available

Schachenmayr, Catania Grande, Farbe 3406Schachenmayr, Catania Grande, Farbe 3393
Catania Grande
Sale price3,50 €(70,00 €/kg)

29 colors available

Catania - gute-garne.deCatania -
Sale price2,95 €(59,00 €/kg)

96 colors available

Schachenmayr, Catania Color, Farbe 211Schachenmayr, Catania Color, Farbe 212
Catania Color
Sale price4,25 €(85,00 €/kg)

22 colors available

Catania FineCatania Fine
Catania Fine
Sale price2,95 €(59,00 €/kg)

9 colors available

Schachenmayr Baby Smiles Cotton Bamboo, Farbe 1035Schachenmayr Baby Smiles Cotton Bamboo, Farbe 1001
Baby Smiles Cotton Bamboo
Sale price4,75 €(95,00 €/kg)

15 colors available

Schachenmayr Pyramid Cotton, Farbe 12Schachenmayr Pyramid Cotton, Farbe 23
Pyramid Cotton
Sale price4,95 €(99,00 €/kg)

13 colors available

Anchor Crafty Fine Farbe 105Anchor Crafty Fine Farbe 106
Crafty Fine
Sale price6,95 €(27,80 €/kg)
Marlitt 10m - StickgarnMarlitt 10m - Stickgarn
Marlitt 10m - Stickgarn
Sale price2,95 €(0,30 €/m)
Rowan Cotton Revive Farbe 001Rowan Cotton Revive Farbe 002
Cotton Revive
Sale price7,95 €(159,00 €/kg)

Summer yarns

What is a summer yarn?

Summer yarns are yarns made specifically for use in summer knitting and crochet projects. They are typically made from lightweight, breathable and cooling materials, making them particularly suitable for garments intended to be worn in warm weather.

Some of the most popular materials for summer yarns include cotton, bamboo, linen, silk, viscose and linen-cotton blends. These yarns often have a smooth surface that feels comfortable on the skin and does not scratch or irritate.

Summer yarns come in different weights and structures, from thin lace yarns to thicker DK yarns. Depending on which project you want to knit or crochet, you can choose the right yarn.

What summer yarns are there?

There are many different types of summer yarns that are suitable for different types of projects. Here are some of the most popular summer yarns:

  1. Cotton: Cotton is a classic summer yarn and works well for lightweight garments such as tops, t-shirts and dresses. It is breathable, skin-friendly and machine washable.

  2. Bamboo: Bamboo yarn is soft and shiny and has a cooling effect on the skin. It is also anti-allergic and works well for lightweight shawls and scarves.

  3. Linen: Linen yarn is durable and breathable, but can be a bit stiff. It works well for light tops and dresses.

  4. Silk: Silk yarn is light and shiny and has a cooling effect on the skin. However, it is also delicate and requires special care. Silk yarn is good for light shawls and scarves.

  5. Viscose: Viscose yarn is soft and shiny and has a similar texture to silk yarn but is easier to care for. It works well for light garments such as tops and dresses.

  6. Linen-Cotton Blends: Linen and cotton blends are durable and breathable, but also have the softness and feel of cotton. They work well for lightweight clothing like tops and dresses.

It is important to note that each yarn has its own characteristics and is suitable for different projects. It's also important to follow the yarn care instructions to ensure the finished project lasts a long time.