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PetiteKnit, Storm Sweater Man 1PetiteKnit, Storm Sweater Man 2
PetiteKnit, Elisabeth Bluse, dunkelblau 1PetiteKnit, Elisabeth Bluse, dunkelblau 2
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PetiteKnit Storm Sweater 1PetiteKnit Storm Sweater 2
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PetiteKnit Terrazzo Neck hellbeigePetiteKnit Terrazzo Neck auf Drahtbügel
PetiteKnit Technicolor Tote Bag 1PetiteKnit Technicolor Tote Bag 2
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PetiteKnit Sunday Sweater grau PetiteKnit Sunday Sweater grau auf Drahtbügel
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PetiteKnit Stockholmmütze braun RückseitePetiteKnit Stockholmmütze liegend
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PetiteKnit September Mütze lila SpitzePetiteKnit September Mütze
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PetiteKnit Oslo Mütze schwarzPetiteKnit Oslo Mütze Mohair Edition dunkelblau
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PetiteKnit Oslo Mütze Mohair Edition braunPetiteKnit Oslo Mütze Mohair Edition braun liegend
PetiteKnit Nordsee Set 1PetiteKnit Nordsee Set 2
Kumulus Top von PetiteKnit 1Kumulus Top von PetiteKnit liegend
PetiteKnit, Lyon Sweater, Anleitung, Ansicht getragen von vornePetiteKnit, Lyon Sweater, Anleitung, Pullover liegend von oben
PetiteKnit, Lyon Sweater Chunky Edition, Anleitung, 1PetiteKnit, Lyon Sweater Chunky Edition, Anleitung, liegend, Ansicht komplett
PetiteKnit Honey WashbagPetiteKnit Honey Washbag
PetiteKnit Honey Pillow auf FensterbandPetiteKnit Anleitung Honey Pillow
PetiteKnit Hipster Mütze rot PetiteKnit Hipster Mütze rot
PetiteKnit Hazel Neck 1PetiteKnit Hazel Neck 2
PetiteKnit Breeze Bag Anleitung 1PetiteKnit Breeze Bag Anleitung 2
PetiteKnit Ankers Pullover Man 1PetiteKnit Ankers Pullover Man 2
PetiteKnit Poppy Tee 4PetiteKnit Poppy Tee 6
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PetiteKnit September Sweater 1PetiteKnit September Sweater 2
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PetiteKnit Sophie Shawl 1PetiteKnit Sophie Shawl 2
PetiteKnit Moby Sweater 1PetiteKnit Moby Sweater 2
PetiteKnit Champagne Cardigan 2PetiteKnit Champagne Cardigan 1
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PetiteKnit Sophie Scarf 1PetiteKnit Sophie Scarf 2
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PetiteKnit Sille Slipover 01PetiteKnit Sille Slipover 02
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Novice Sweater - Mohair Edition - Instructions Novice Sweater - Mohair Edition - Instructions
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PetiteKnit Friday Tee 1PetiteKnit Friday Tee 2
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PetiteKnit Zipper Sweater Strickanleitung 01PetiteKnit Zipper Sweater Strickanleitung 02
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PetiteKnit Sunday Sweater Mohair Edition Strickanleitung 1PetiteKnit Sunday Sweater Mohair Edition Strickanleitung 2
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PetiteKnit Kumulus Tee 1PetiteKnit Kumulus Tee 2
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PetiteKnit Strickanleitung Novice Pullover 1PetiteKnit Strickanleitung Novice Pullover 2
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PetiteKnit Strickanleitung Caramel Sweater 1PetiteKnit Strickanleitung Caramel Sweater 2
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PetiteKnit Ankers Sommerbluse AnleitungPetiteKnit Strickanleitung Ankers Sommerbluse 7
PetiteKnit Strickanleitung Jenny Jacke 1PetiteKnit Strickanleitung Jenny Jacke 2


We are always thrilled with the knitting patterns from PetiteKnit. We love Scandinavian design and admire the timelessness of the knitted pieces. Petiteknit stands for simple and beautiful, there are instructions in different levels of difficulty and for the whole family from small to large. The accessories and home items, such as cushions and bags, are also simple and beautiful and bring Scandinavian design straight into your home.

Does PetiteKnit also offer printed instructions?

From the very beginning we have also sold the printed patterns from Petiteknit here in the shop and find them simply excellent. These are small booklets in DIN A5 format with staple binding. They have different page numbers depending on the scope of the instructions. The paper is a bit thicker and feels good, very robust. However, we always offer a link to the download instructions because sometimes we do not have all the instructions here and would like to make the latest instructions available to you. It's sometimes handy to have a PDF with you and PetiteKnit also revises instructions from time to time. If you then purchased it digitally, you will receive the revision automatically.

What is special about PetiteKnit patterns?

We just love that PetiteKnit's instructions are so well thought out. They have been tried and tested many times. The finished knitted pieces are classics that look simple and yet very special. This means that many sweaters are not tied to a specific season, but are always current. We ourselves have been knitting some models over and over again for years and always enjoy them again.

What sizes do Petiteknit patterns offer?

How wonderful, the size range in PetiteKnit patterns really doesn't exclude anyone, the pattern sizes usually range from XS to 5XL. The children and baby models are listed individually, so there is really something for everyone. We really like the possibility of knitting Mini Me models, where the same model can be knitted for everyone in the family. Since the instructions are often available for the whole family, this is no problem at all, just fantastic!

How do I find the right size for me?

Since the sizes are described very comprehensively in the instructions, all you need to determine your size is a tape measure. It is always stated exactly what dimensions the finished knitted piece has and what body measurements it is recommended for. The value of “positive ease” is clearly stated here, which means it is recommended how tight or loose the knitted piece should fit. If you like it a little looser or tighter, you can simply switch to a different size.

Which yarns do I need for the PetiteKnit instructions?

PetiteKnit always chooses very nice yarns for the knitted pieces and usually presents different colors. The yarns are always described exactly and it is also stated which color is shown. There is usually a selection of different yarns, depending on your preference. We offer most yarns and are happy to be able to offer you a wide range of colors. Sandnes yarn is often used, often also Knitting for Olive or Cardiff Cashmere as well as Pascuali. The quality of the yarns is outstanding, we love them all and knit them all the time. We think the color selection is particularly great, there really is nothing left to be desired and the coordination of the colors with each other is outstanding!

What else do I need?

You will always find the accessories you need clearly stated. The needle size and rope length are always stated because the sweaters are usually knitted in the round and therefore short needle ropes are required. If you prefer, you can of course always replace the short needles with double pointed needles. Of course, the material of the needles is not specified, as every knitter has her own preferences. You can find all accessories in our accessories category in the menu. The accessories are not included in the sets because they are often already available and, as already described, depend on your own preferences. Choose the right one from our accessories!

I'm a fan and also want buttons, zippers, labels and the like!

We are also enthusiastic about the comprehensive range of additional little things that make your knitted piece simply perfect. We are gradually offering the original zippers and buttons; the range will continue to grow in this area because we think the offering is great. If the right accessories are sold out, you can of course also use a different zipper or buttons.

Are there also free Petiteknit patterns?

PetiteKnit's patterns are not free. But they are so good that they are really worth the price!

Who is behind PetiteKnit and since when?

PetiteKnit was founded in 2016 by Mette Wendelboe Okkels and is based in Aarhus. Although PetiteKnit is constantly growing, she is still behind all of the designs herself and applies her distinctive talent as a designer to every piece.

What makes PetiteKnit's design so special?

PetiteKnit combines so many things and enriches the knitting world incredibly. The design is often simple and unambiguous, but still very special and sophisticated in detail. The instructions are described in incredible detail and there are also videos for all the techniques (although these are mostly in Danish, they are still easy to understand because we can learn the technique by watching). The selection of instructions is very large and there is something suitable for everyone. The levels of difficulty vary, so many instructions are also suitable for beginners. All instructions have timelessly beautiful designs and can be knitted again and again; they will delight you for a long time and inspire you again and again.