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Pascuali Alpaca Fino Farbe 07Pascuali Alpaca Fino Farbe 06
Alpaca Fino
Sale price10,95 €(219,00 €/kg)

23 colors available

Pascuali Alpaca Lace Knäuel Farbe 07Pascuali Alpaca Lace Knäuel Farbe 11
Alpaca Lace
Sale price11,95 €(239,00 €/kg)

31 colors available

Pascuali Babyalpaca Los Andes Farbe 10Pascuali Babyalpaca Los Andes Farbe 15
Baby alpaca Los Andes
Sale price21,90 €(219,00 €/kg)

8 colors available

Pascuali Balayage Farbe Pascuali Balayage Farbe 626
Sale price11,95 €(239,00 €/kg)

25 colors available

Pascuali Balayage handgefärbt Farbe 700Pascuali Balayage handgefärbt Farbe 710
Balayage - hand dyed
Sale price18,95 €(379,00 €/kg)

8 colors available

Pascuali Bio Cashmere 6/28 neu TitelPascuali Bio Cashmere 6/28
Organic Cashmere 6/28
Sale price21,90 €(876,00 €/kg)

30 colors available

Pascuali Bio Cashmere Lace Farbe 06Pascuali Bio Cashmere Lace Farbe 52
Organic Cashmere Lace
Sale price21,90 €(876,00 €/kg)

23 colors available

Pascuali Bio Cashmere WorstedPascuali Bio Cashmere Worsted Farbe 06
Organic Cashmere Worsted
Sale price21,90 €(876,00 €/kg)

23 colors available

Pascuali Camel DK Farbe 03Pascuali Camel DK Farbe 05
Camel DK
Sale price13,50 €(540,00 €/kg)

11 colors available

Pascuali Cumbria Farbe 301Pascuali Cumbria Farbe 303
Sale price8,90 €(178,00 €/kg)

29 colors available

Pascuali Farbkarten Beispiel 1Pascuali Farbkarten Alpaca Fino
Pascuali Forest Farbe 103Pascuali Forest Farbe 111
Sale price12,49 €(124,90 €/kg)

13 colors available

Pascuali Manada Pascuali Manada Farbe 203
Sale price14,90 €(596,00 €/kg)

31 colors available

Pscuali MaximoPascuali Maximo Farbe 426
Sale price18,90 €(189,00 €/kg)

30 colors available

Pascuali Merino Baby Farbe 301Pascuali Merino Baby Farbe 326
Merino Baby
Sale price9,95 €(199,00 €/kg)

31 colors available

Mohair BlissMohair Bliss
Mohair Bliss
Sale price15,90 €(636,00 €/kg)

30 colors available

Pascuali Nepal Farbe 12Pascuali Nepal Farbe 13
Sale price8,90 €(178,00 €/kg)

30 colors available

Pascuali Pinta Farbe 103Pascuali Pinta Farbe 100
Sale price11,95 €(239,00 €/kg)

25 colors available

Pascuali Pinta Handgefärbt Farbe 200Pascuali Pinta Handgefärbt Farbe 201
Pinta Handgefärbt
Sale price17,95 €(359,00 €/kg)
Pascuali Puno Farbe 20Pascuali Puno Farbe 22
Sale price8,90 €(178,00 €/kg)

7 colors available

Pascuali Puno Winikunka Farbe 50Pascuali Puno Winikunka Farbe 78
Puno Winikunka
Sale price8,90 €(178,00 €/kg)

27 colors available

Pascuali Saffira Pascuali Saffira Farbe 28
Sale price15,90 €(318,00 €/kg)

24 colors available

Pascuali Sole Pascuali Sole Farbe 35
Sale price9,90 €(198,00 €/kg)

35 colors available

Pascuali SuavePascuali Suave Farbe 52
Suave | Bio-Qualität | weiche Baumwolle
Sale price7,95 €(318,00 €/kg)

24 colors available

Pascuali Tibetan Pascuali Tibetan Farbe 100
Sale price18,90 €(378,00 €/kg)

38 colors available


Pascuali is a brand of high-quality and sustainable yarns made from natural fibers.

Pascuali's yarns are made from a variety of fibers including alpaca, merino wool, yak, cashmere and silk. These fibers come from different parts of the world and are obtained under ethical and sustainable conditions.

Pascuali yarns are known for their softness, shine and longevity. They work well for a variety of projects, from clothing and accessories to home textiles and blankets. The yarns are available in many different colors and textures, offering knitting and crochet enthusiasts endless opportunities to create creative and unique projects.

Pascuali wool is a premium wool and can therefore be slightly more expensive than other yarns. However, if you are looking for high quality and sustainable wool, Pascuali is an excellent choice.