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Finull - gute-garne.deFinull -
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Inca Alpakka - gute-garne.deInca Alpakka -
Inca Alpacka
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Rauma Garn Magazin 400 FremstrikkRauma Garn Magazin 400 Fremstrikk Modell 1
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Rauma Garn Magazin 409 Puno Petit TitelRauma Garn Magazin 409 Puno Petit Modell 1
Tjukk Mohair - gute-garne.deTjukk Mohair -
Tjukk Mohair
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Rauma Garn Vandre Sockengarn rostrot 10Rauma Garn Vandre Sockengarn natur 01
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Rauma yarn

Rauma yarn Norway

Rauma yarns have been manufactured in Norway, more precisely in the city of Romsdalen, since 1927.

All production takes place under one roof. All manufacturing steps such as wool blending, carding, spinning, twisting, dyeing, dyeing and knitting are carried out by Rauma. This means the quality can be precisely controlled.

Rauma Garn uses wool from Norway. The fibers of Norwegian wool are particularly elastic and resilient. The yarn made from this wool is airy and light.

Rauma yarn qualities

There are lots of yarn qualities at Rauma Garn.

In addition to the popular Finull, there is a wide selection and alpaca yarns are also represented as a thin mohair.
We currently only have a small portion of Rauma yarns in stock. But we are constantly expanding our range. If you need a specific yarn, we can order it for you.

Knitting sets with Rauma yarn

In addition to the yarns, we also offer a growing selection of knitting sets with Rauma yarn.

All knitting sets always contain printed, German-language instructions. The instructions are currently only available in conjunction with the knitting sets and not individually.