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Sandnes Alpakka Farbe 4244Sandnes Alpakka Farbe 1001
Sale price8,75 €(175,00 €/kg)

31 colors available

Sandnes, Alpakka Folgetrad, Farbe 1002Sandnes Garn Alpakka Folgetrad Farbe 1015
Alpakka follow-up bike
Sale price9,95 €(199,00 €/kg)

20 colors available

Sandnes Alpakka Silke Farbe 1002Sandnes Alpakka Silke Farbe 1015
Alpacka Silke
Sale price13,50 €(270,00 €/kg)

23 colors available

Sandnesgarn, Alpakka Ull, 1042Sandnesgarn, Alpakka Ull, 1002
Alpacka Ull
Sale price8,50 €(170,00 €/kg)

41 colors available

Sandnes Garn Babyull Lanett Farbe 1001Sandnes Garn Babyull Lanett Farbe 1012
Babyull Lanett
Sale price7,50 €(150,00 €/kg)

38 colors available

Sandnes Garn Ballerina Chunky Mohair Farbe 4213Sandnes Garn Ballerina Chunky Mohair Farbe 1009
Ballerina Chunky Mohair
Sale price13,90 €(278,00 €/kg)
Sandnes Garn Borstet Alpakka Farbe 3819Sandnes Garn Borstet Alpakka Farbe 1001
Bristles Alpacka
Sale price12,50 €(250,00 €/kg)

43 colors available

Sandne Double Sunday by PetiteKnit Farbe 1012Sandne Double Sunday by PetiteKnit Farbe 2114
Double Sunday by PetiteKnit
Sale price8,75 €(175,00 €/kg)

16 colors available

Sandnes Garn Double Sunday Farbe 1001Sandnes Garn Double Sunday Farbe 1015
Double Sunday | weiche Merino
Sale price8,75 €(175,00 €/kg)

41 colors available

Sandnes Garn Duo Farbe 1002Sandnes Garn Duo Farbe 1015
Sale price8,50 €(170,00 €/kg)

27 colors available

Sandnes Garn Fritidsgarn Farbe 2015Sandnes Garn Fritidsgarn Farbe 1012
Sale price5,50 €(110,00 €/kg)

51 colors available

Sandende Garn Klompelompe Merinoull Farbe 1013Sandende Garn Klompelompe Merinoull Farbe 2025
KlompeLOMPE Merinoull
Sale price8,50 €(170,00 €/kg)

19 colors available

Sandnes KlompeLompe Tynn Merinoull Farbe 1013Sandnes KlompeLompe Tynn Merinoull Farbe 2025
KlompeLOMPE Tynn Merinoull
Sale price8,50 €(170,00 €/kg)

19 colors available

Sandnes Garn Kos Farbe 4333 Sandnes Garn Kos Farbe 1012
Sale price11,95 €(239,00 €/kg)

39 colors available

Sandnes Garn Line Farbe 1015Sandnes Garn Line Farbe 1002
Line | kühl und weich Baumwolle mit Leinen
Sale price5,95 €(119,00 €/kg)

39 colors available

Sandnes Garn Mandarin Naturell Farbe 1012Sandnes Garn Mandarin Naturell Farbe 1001
Natural Mandarin
Sale price4,75 €(95,00 €/kg)

25 colors available

Sandnes Garn Mandarin Petit Farbe 3011Sandnes Garn Mandarin Petit Farbe 1001
Mandarin Petite
Sale price5,75 €(115,00 €/kg)

45 colors available

Sandnes Garn Merinoull Farbe 7741Sandnes Garn Merinoull Farbe 1001
Sale price8,50 €(170,00 €/kg)

39 colors available

Sandnes Garn Mini Alpakka Farbe 6063Sandnes Garn Mini Alpakka Farbe 1001
Mini alpacka
Sale price8,75 €(175,00 €/kg)

26 colors available

Sandnes, Peer Gynt by PetiteKnit, almond tweed 2512Sandnes, Peer Gynt by PetiteKnit, ash melange 1021
Peer Gynt by PetiteKnit
Sale priceFrom 5,75 €(119,00 €/kg)

14 colors available

Peer Gynt von Sandnes Garn Farbe 2720Sandnes Garn Peer Gynt Knäuel Farbe 1001
Peer Gynt | Wolle pur
Sale priceFrom 5,75 €(119,00 €/kg)

60 colors available

Sandnes Garn Perfect Farbe 1042Sandnes Garn Perfect Farbe 1002
Sale price5,25 €(105,00 €/kg)

24 colors available

Sandnes Garn Poppy Farbe Autumn Leaf 2311Sandnes Garn Poppy Farbe tutti frutti 1010
Sale price11,95 €

8 colors available

Sandnes Garn Sisu Farbe 1001Sandnes Garn Sisu Farbe 1002
Sale price6,50 €(130,00 €/kg)

34 colors available

Sandnes Garn Smart Farbe 1001Sandnes Garn Smart Farbe 1002
Sale price5,95 €(119,00 €/kg)

46 colors available

Sandnes Sunday by PetiteKnit Merinowolle Farbe 1012Sandnes Sunday by PetiteKnit Merinowolle Farbe 2114
Sunday by PetiteKnit
Sale price8,75 €(175,00 €/kg)

19 colors available

Sandnes Garn Sunday Farbe 1001Sandnes Garn Sunday Farbe 1015
Sunday | feines Merinogarn
Sale priceFrom 8,23 € (175,00 €/kg)

56 colors available

Recycled tweed Recycled tweed
Recycled tweed
Sale price16,95 €(339,00 €/kg)

8 colors available

Sandnes Garn Tykk Line 1015Sandnes Garn Tykk Line 1002
Tykk Line
Sale price4,50 €(90,00 €/kg)

31 colors available

Sandnes Garn Tynn Line 3021Sandnes Garn Tynn Line 1015
Tynn Line | kühles dünnes Leinengarn
Sale price5,95 €(119,00 €/kg)

35 colors available

Sandnes Garn Tynn Merinoull Farbe 1001Sandnes Garn Tynn Merinoull Farbe 1002
Tynn Merinoull
Sale price8,50 €(170,00 €/kg)

37 colors available

Sandnes Garn Tynn Peer Gynt Farbe 1002Sandnes Garn Tynn Peer Gynt Farbe 1021
Tynn Peer Gynt | dünne Wolle pur
Sale price5,75 €(115,00 €/kg)

50 colors available

Sandnes Garn Tynn Silk Mohair Print blossom tree 2135Sandnes Garn Tynn Silk Mohair Print pink berries 4700
Tynn Silk Mohair Print
Sale price25,40 €(1.016,00 €/kg)

4 colors available

Sandnes Garn Tynn Silk Mohair Farbe 1012Sandnes Garn Tynn Silk Mohair Farbe 1015
Tynn Silk Mohair | bezaubernd weich
Sale price11,50 €(460,00 €/kg)

59 colors available

Sandnes yarn


Sandnes Garn - named after the town of the same name in Norway -
is the largest producer of hand knitting yarns in Northern Europe.
And when you know how crazy the Scandinavians are about knitting, that's saying something!

At Sandnes the overall package of high-quality yarns and beautiful models in Scandinavian design that are absolutely suitable for everyday use is just right.

The instruction booklets are not only printed on really nice, high-quality paper, but are also very well translated into German.
Reknitting is easy here.

The Sandnes yarn range is quite complete and includes traditional yarns made from virgin wool (some of which come from Norway) as well as modern yarns made from linen, viscose, etc.

What all yarns have in common are the beautiful colors - and new ones appear regularly. With the large color palettes you are often spoiled for choice.

The most important yarn qualities from Sandnes

Sandnes has the right yarn for every taste and every project.
The Fritids yarn, for example, is wonderful for felting and for the summer there are two yarns with a cool linen feel: Line and Tynn Line.

With Tynn Silk Mohair, a very good mohair yarn should not be missing.
We would like to introduce you to some of the most popular yarns from Sandnes:

Sandnes Sunday

Sunday from Sandnes is made from 100% merino wool and is the perfect basic yarn.
You can knit it individually, but the combination with Tynn Silk Mohair is also very popular.

In the current instruction booklet 2109 you will find plenty of models that are knitted two-thread with Sunday and Tynn Silk Mohair.

Peer Gynt

Peer Gynt is the oldest yarn quality from Sandnes and consists of 100% Norwegian virgin wool.
The yarn has become very popular thanks to some beautiful knitting patterns from “PetiteKnit”.


Sandnes KOS is a light and very soft yarn that contains lots of alpaca.
The yarn is used, for example, in the “Novice Pullover”.

Tynn Silk Mohair

Tynn Silk Mohair is a real perennial favorite among Sandnes yarns. Made of kidmohair, wool and silk.
Knitted solo, it is perfect for very soft and thin pieces - or you can use it together with another yarn as an accessory thread.

More Sandnes yarns

In addition to the yarns mentioned above, you can also buy the following qualities from us:

  • Alpaca - very soft, made from 100% alpaca
  • Alpakka Silke - even softer, made from alpakka with silk
  • Babyull Lanett - made of Merino, very suitable for baby things
  • Bristle Alpakka - light fluffy yarn
  • Double Sunday - like Sunday, but twice as thick
  • Duo - cotton with wool
  • Fritidsgarn - Norwegian virgin wool, good for felting
  • Mandarin Petit - an unusually soft cotton yarn
  • Sisu - wool with polyamide, very durable
  • Smart - 100% wool with superwash, suitable for everyday use

The Sandnes Magazine

A particular strength of Sandnes Garn is the instruction booklets.
Packed with cool Scandinavian designs, the magazines are published at regular intervals around 20-25 times a year.

In addition to the so-called “Tema” magazines (see below), the Sandnes magazine is published. The booklet always contains an English instruction section in addition to the German one.
The instructions are very well translated and easy to follow.

You can find the current Sandnes booklets for 2021 here: Sandnes instructions 2021.

The Sandnes Magazines are the main magazines from Sandnes and are usually divided into women's / men's / children's / baby etc.
But there are also magazines that focus on a specific yarn, such as magazine 2111 “Double Sunday”.

The “Tema” booklets

In addition to the Sandes magazine, the so-called Tema magazines also appeared. These are often shorter than the magazine and focus more on a specific topic such as Christmas decorations or individual models.

Free Sandnes patterns
Sandnes publishes free instructions once a month.

You can download them directly from Sandnes as a PDF: Sandnes free instructions .