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Rundstricknadel Bambus - 80cm -
Nadelspiel Bambus 20cm -
Needlepoint bamboo 20cm
Sale priceFrom 9,95 €
Rundstricknadeln Novel - 40cm -
CraSyTrio Strumpfstricknadeln - 21cm -
Rundstricknadel Bambus - 60cm -
Rundstricknadeln Novel - 80cm -
Waves Häkelnadel - gute-garne.deWaves Häkelnadel -
Waves crochet hook
Sale price3,50 €
Rundstricknadel Bambus - 40cm -
Addi Bambus Rundstricknadel
Nadelspiel Colibri -
Needlepoint Colibri
Sale priceFrom 10,95 €
Rundstricknadeln Novel - 60cm -
Rundstricknadel Bambus - 120cm -
Addi CrasyTrio Unicorn Nadeln 1Addi CrasyTrio Unicorn Nadeln 2
Rundstricknadeln Novel - 120cm -
addi CraSyTrio Bambus Nadelspiel
CraSyTrio Strumpfstricknadeln long - 26cm -
Maschenraffer -
Mesh gatherer
Sale price5,45 €
addi Rundstricknadel Unicorn
addi CraSyTrio Bambus Stricknadeln long 30cm
CraSyTrio Bamboo long - 30cm
Sale priceFrom 24,95 €
Addi Bambus Nadelspiel 15 cm
Needlepoint bamboo 15cm
Sale priceFrom 9,95 €
addi Rundstricknadel Unicorn
Addi Häkelnadel aus Bambus
Bamboo crochet hook
Sale priceFrom 6,25 €
Addi Rundstricknadel Bambus
Addi Unicorn 60cm
addi Unicorn Rundstricknadel
Needle set addiClick Nature Bamboo Needle set addiClick Nature Bamboo
addi Click Nadelset Novel Lace Long, geöffnet mit sichtbaren Nadelnaddi Click Nadelset Novel Lace Long, geschlossenes Etui von vorne
addi click Unicorn Lace Long Nadeln als Set 1addi click Unicorn Lace Long Nadeln als Set 2
addi Unicorn Rundstricknadel
addiClick Novel Lace Short Nadelset, geöffnet mit sichtbaren Nadelspitzen und ZubehöraddiClick Novel Lace Short Nadelset, geschlossen von vorne
Addi Bambus CraSy Trio Novel in ActionAddi Bambus CraSy Trio Novel
Addi Bambus Rundstricknadel


Knitting & crocheting without needles is not possible!

We offer you a selection of what we think are the best knitting needles. The selection is still small - but why should we offer you needles that we are not convinced of ourselves?